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Kendall Wilkinson creates bespoke residences with an emphasis on beauty and comfort.

Her unique aesthetic and elevated taste level is embodied in this luxurious tactile collaboration of fabrics and trimmings for the home. Inspired by her global travels—the lights of Paris, the colorful motifs of Mexico—and the patterns and textures of nature, interior designer Kendall Wilkinson’s newest collection with Fabricut is now available. For the first time, her lineup of debuts includes decadent trimmings, informed by her love of texture: tapes that are nubby and Chanel-inspired, a soft ombre velvet, and an impossibly soft and pliable ribbon-like accent.

The designs and palettes layer together to create 3 unique different lines for beautiful, elegant, and harmonious interiors: Cityscape, Coastline, and Jardiniere. Like the refreshing glow of natural light pouring through the windows of a city apartment, the neutral hues of Cityscape transform interiors into inviting getaways. Coastline’s rich Blues and soft aqua tones are reminiscent of vacationing along the scenic coasts of the world, surrounded by nature and the beauty of global design. In Jardiniere, gardens are brought to life with the hues of flora, fauna, and earth. Rich berry mingles with sand and the soft greens of sea glass.  Jewel tones play up statement patterns and textures. Embroideries weave through textiles like ivy tendrils grow through a garden of wild flowers.

Be authentic with Kendall Wilkinson and Fabricut.



Kendall Wilkinson gravitates to a graceful yet less formal West Coast lifestyle, one that embraces the outdoors year round, complete with kids, dogs and sand dragged in from the beach.

Through her work with her clients, Kendall saw the need for more durable, stain-resistant fabrics that could stand up to an active lifestyle, yet have a luxurious feel. Designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Kendall’s fabrics remain resilient and comfortable, with sophisticated colors and timeless patterns and textures. As of 2021, her outdoor collection is now retired.

Be radiant with Kendall Wilkinson and Fabricut. Shop her indoor collection now.

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